No Surprises

Your credit limit is set against your monthly account. In addition to this you can apply an individual SIM Usage Spend Cap limit for each of your mobile phone SIM's thereby controlling the usage spend on each SIM.

Set your limit

Beebu's SIM Usage Spend Cap allows you to set a monthly limit on each individual SIM . You can view and set your limits by accessing your mybeebu account or by calling Customer Services on 500 free from your Beebu mobile or 0330 019 5989 from any other phone (Please note you may be charged). Minimum Cap limit that can be applied per SIM is £1.00.

No bill Shock

We will only collect your monthly line rental and any additional usage outside of your monthly allowance; no shocks, no hidden costs. Perfect for multiple SIM accounts with younger family members to ensure no shock on your monthly bill.

Keeping you informed

We'll send you emails and texts when you have used 50% of your SIM Usage Spend Cap allowance for the month and again when you reach 100%.  

Premium Services

Once the SIM is within £10 of it's maximum allocated allowances all premium services, roaming, international calls and non geographical numbers will be limited to prevent any additional charges. The SIM will still be able to use it's inclusive allowance remaining in it's monthly plan.