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If you’ve chosen your SIM and would like to keep your existing number, you’re in the right place. Swapping your number over to a new Beebu SIM is simple, just follow the steps below.

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Want to keep your existing number? No problem. Contact your current network provider and ask for your PAC code (Port Authorisation Code). 

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Already got your PAC code? Great. Enter your number below and we’ll swap it over for you

Beebu opportunity

We're working on ways to reward you for spreading the word about Beebu. We're not quite ready but keep a look out for opportunities in the near future.

Enter your PAC code

Send us your PAC code via the form below and we’ll swap your number onto your new tariff within 72 hours

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You can find this on the front of your Beebu SIM card

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You can request your PAC code by calling your current mobile service provider.